Khutbah – November 12, 2022

Iranian lawmakers demand ‘no leniency’ for protesters as mass demonstrations continue CNN.

Egyptian-American arrested in UAE after calling for COP27 protests in Egypt Middle East Eye.

Egypt: Father of prominent anti-Sisi YouTuber arrested by police Middle East Eye.

Egypt: Journalist ‘disappeared’ while attempting to travel to China Middle East Eye.

How Modi’s politics of hate and fear is causing harm to Indian citizens both home and abroad CJ Werleman – The New Arab.

Let’s achieve the unachievable, says Chief Rabbi in historic trip to UAE I wouldn’t be here without the Abraham Accords says Chief Rabbi at Emirati interfaith forum Jewish Chronicle.

UK Chief rabbi, senior Muslim religious leader meet, outline peace vision. Bin Bayyah and Mirvis spoke at an event titled Loving Kindness, Humanity and Flourishing as Faith Communities in the UK. Jerusalem Post, July 2022.

Israel has no choice but to use force in Gaza, says chief rabbi The Times, 2014.

UK chief rabbi owes us Palestinians an apology Electronic Intifada, 2016

Who Is Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis And How Significant Is His Criticism Of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour? Huffington Post, 2016.

Anti-Zionism does not equate to antisemitism – letter to The Guardian from UK Jews opposed to Rabbi Mirvis The Guardian, 2016.

Israel’s Netanyahu officially tapped to form government Associated Press.

Khutbah – November 5, 2022

UK drops working on Islamophobia definition days before awareness month Middle East Eye.

Thousands of mosques targeted as Hindu nationalists try to rewrite India’s history The Guardian.

2022 likely to be deadliest year for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, U.N. says NBC.

Tor Wennesland (UNSCO) on the Situation in the Middle East – Security Council, 9174th meeting UN.

Will Israel Become a Theocracy? Religious Parties Are Election’s Biggest Winners Haaretz.

New Report Sheds Light on the Pentagon Secret Wars Playbook The Intercept.

Egypt Arrests Hundreds in Crackdown Before COP27 Climate Summit; Pressured to Free Alaa Abd El-Fattah Democracy Now.

128 scholars ask UN not to adopt IHRA definition of anti-Semitism Al Jazeera.

UN Special Rapporteur Report: Contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance – October 2022 UN.

UN Special Rapporteur on Racism disgracefully discourages adoption of International Definition of Antisemitism Campaign Against Antisemitism.

US State Department endorses the IHRA definition

Khutbah – October 21, 2022

Where Pilgrims Meet Paris Hilton: Mecca’s ‘Las Vegasization’ Telesur – 2016

The Destruction of Mecca Ziauddin Sardar – New York Times, 2014

Inside the Saudi Government’s War on Islam CJ Werleman Show – Youtube

A New Wave of ‘Silence or Suppression’ in Saudi Arabia CJ Werleman, Byline Times

Saudi Arabia: US citizen jailed for 16 years over tweets was tortured, says son Middle East Eye

Israel’s occupation of West Bank unlawful under international law, UN report finds Middle East Eye.

Commission of Inquiry finds that the Israeli occupation is unlawful under international law UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights

Link to the UN report here

Arkansas Passes Anti-BDS Law Brandeis Center

Arkansas’ Israel anti-boycott law appealed to the Supreme Court Jewish News Syndicate

Khutbah – October 14, 2022

Global Center for Combating Extremism in Riyadh adopts unprecedented techniques Al Arabiya – 21 May 2017

Saudi Arabia, USA Open Joint Center In Riyadh To ‘Remove’ Wahhabi/Salafi Terror Ideology From All New Islamic Text – Tillerson [Video] News Rescue & Twitter

New Population Estimates Show COVID-19 Pandemic Significantly Disrupted Migration Across Borders United States Census Bureau.

“Election Interference”: Oil Price Hike Is Saudi Arabia’s October Surprise Against Biden The Intercept.

Khutbah – October 7, 2022

‘Cruel Disregard for Life’: Rights Groups Condemn Iran’s Deadly Attacks on Protesters Common Dreams.

‘Not afraid anymore’: Iran protests enter fourth week Al Jazeera.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the scholars of the sultan Middle East Eye.

Why Yusuf al-Qaradawi Still Matters New Lines Magazine.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi: Scholar-activist who helped inspire a revolution in Egypt Middle East Eye.

Yusuf Qaradawi and Islam: How the late Egyptian scholar is remembered in India Middle East Eye.

Remembering Yusuf al-Qaradawi New Straits Times.

Israel Saw Brutal Myanmar Regimes as a Business Opportunity, Documents Reveal Haaretz.

Debate on Uyghur human rights not approved by UN Human Rights Council Uyghur Times.

Countries vote down motion to discuss UN report into China’s serious human rights violations in Xinjiang ABC – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

China Turns Back Move for U.N. Debate on Abuse of Uyghurs New York Times (includes link to UNHRC report).

Khutbah – September 30, 2022

Suicide attacker kills at least 19 in Kabul school blast Al Jazeera.

At least 25 dead after suicide bomb blast at educational center in Kabul CNN.

Afghanistan dispatch: ‘We are living in a country where tens of young souls…are killed in an instant, for the sole crime of wanting to learn.’ Jurist.

How Iranian women’s bodies became an ideological battleground Middle East Eye.

Mahsa Amini: By focusing on the hijab, western media miss the point Middle East Eye.

Unworthy victims: Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990 Middle East Eye.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim scholar who influenced millions Al Jazeera.

Influential Muslim religious leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi dies Al Jazeera.

The Social Atrocity: Meta and the Right to Remedy for the Rohingya Amnesty International.

Meta urged to pay reparations for Facebook’s role in Rohingya genocide Tech Crunch.

The Return of Fascism in Italy The Atlantic.

Coalition of Muslim NGO’s decry endemic of state sponsored Islamophobia across Europe at OSCE Human Rights Conferencea Cage.

How Hindu Nationalism Invaded the United Kingdom CJ Werleman – Youtube.

Leicester Riots: Why Muslims Can Never Be Victims CJ Werleman – Youtube.

Seven-year-old Palestinian boy dies after Israeli army chase Middle East Eye.

Israeli forces kill four Palestinians and injure scores more in Jenin raid Middle East Eye.

Hill TV Censors Segment on Rashida Tlaib’s Description of Israel as “Apartheid Government,” Bars Reporter The Intercept.

Khutbah – September 23, 2022

Iran: Protests rage over death of woman arrested for ‘bad hijab’ Middle East Eye.

Israel in talks with Saudi, UAE, Bahrain for defense alliance against Iran 2021 – Jerusalem Post.

Saudi megacity Neom will serve alcohol on beach resort island, says report Wall Street Journal/Middle East Eye.

Neom: Saudi Arabia jails tribesmen for 50 years for rejecting displacement Middle East Eye.

Executed Saudi Sheikh Nimr was not a terrorist 2016 – Middle East Eye.

Secularism or Racial Discrimination: Why Has the Phenomenon of Anti-Hijab Spread in Egypt? Al Estiklal.

Child Fatalities in Palestine Defense for Children International.

UN experts criticise UK PM’s potential plan to move British embassy to Jerusalem Middle East Eye.

Sarajevo Siege ‘Sniper Tourism’ Film Causes Controversy in Bosnia Balkan Insight.

20 Years After Bosnian War, Rape Survivors Still Live With Trauma The New Humanitarian.

Report raises alarm over institutionalization of Islamophobia in Europe Anadolu Agency.

European Islamophobia Report – download

Twitter hate: 86 percent of anti-Muslim content comes from US, UK, India TRT World.

Facebook Report Concludes Company Censorship Violated Palestinian Human Rights The Intercept.

Leicester riots: How Hindutva nationalism pushed a city to the brink Middle East Eye.

The Trojan Horse Affair Podcast

The Trojan Horse Affair. Hamza Syed & Brian Reed. Serial Productions/New York Times

Make time to listen to this remarkable series of 8 episodes, a detailed and ethical investigation into strange series events in Birmingham, UK in 2014 that sparked Islamophobic media hysteria, changed British counter-terror policy and destroyed the careers of dedicated educators.

The Trojan Horse Affair vs. the British Press. Interview with Hamza Syed and Brian Reed about the hostile response to the podcast from the British press and establishment.

Khutbah – September 16, 2022

50 Million People Are Trapped in Modern Slavery Worldwide: Report Common Dreams.

Lost in Europe | We investigate the disappearance of child migrants Lost in Europe is a cross-border journalism project investigating the disappearance of child migrants in Europe.

“We are Dying”: Desperate Messages from Uyghurs Facing Starvation and Death Under Zero COVID Lockdowns Uyghur Human Rights Project.

Jared’s defense of MBS: Kushner called Jamal Khashoggi’s murder ‘terrible’ but ‘couldn’t ignore’ the ‘positive impacts’ the Crown Prince was having in Saudi Arabia – and accepted claim he wasn’t involved, book claims. Daily Mail.

Background: Jared Kushner Sold Out to Saudis for $2 Billion and Nobody Seems to Care Common Dreams.

Scholar of comparative religion Ahmed Subay’ released from prison Cairo 24 (Arabic).